Hydro-Pneumo Web Edge Aligner

Hydro-Pneumo Web Aligner

Standard Features

KEW is the most leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Hydro-Pneumo Web Edge Aligner in India. Hydro Pneumatic Web Guiding System is manufactured by us exclusively with imported parts and ensuring very high speed and great perfection. The Hydro-Pneumo Web Edge Aligner units manufacturer uses Hydraulic Oil along with Pneumatic Air Flow system to ensure smooth guiding of the parent reel at Unwinding or Rewinding. The parts are precision made on cnc machine to ensure smooth air flow from pneumatic line and guiding of the reel. We Are leading manufacturer suppliers and exporters in Hydro Pneumo Web Aligner System, Web Guide System, Web Guiding System, Web Aligner Unit , Web Aligner System, Web Guide Unit We have the capacity to supply 100-150 units per month. Also Manufacturer of Unwinder Rewinder

Technical Specifications




Motor rating (3 phase, 50 Hz)

0.5 HP


Pump flow rate

3.4 l/min

5.8 l/min

Tank capacity

17 liters

30 liters

Oil type

Servo 32, Enklo 44, Hydro 37

Line pressure

14 bar

21 bar

Max. Operation force (50.8 mm dia. Cylinder)


389.5 kg

Follow-up speed

Max. At 3.4 l/min


At 5.8 l/min


Air sensor air pressure

5 to 28 mbar, infinitely adj.

Weight including oil




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