Rewind Stand with Web Guiding System

Rewind Stand with Web Guiding System

Standard Features

Rewind Stand with Web Guiding System, sometimes in old Converting Machine, the Rewinder is damaged or not working properly with sufficient Rewinding Result. In that case, KEW can supply Rewind Stand with Web Guiding System with high accuracy Guiding System, tracking arrangement, Motor, Drive, Brake, etc. The Rewind Stand can be made of any capacity for any type of machine for any Industry and for any type of Laminate or Material. Also we provide Rewind Stand for any type of Customized Machine.Also manufacturer of Web Guiding System

Technical Specifications

  • Electronic of the film Photocell sensor for edge.
  • Electronic 0.5 HP AC Motor.
  • Electrical Panel Board for Operate the complete Unit.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Adjuster Oil Pipe.
  • Speed of Unit 250/min
  • Variation of the film Winding is 0.5

HYDRO -PNEUMATIC Web Aligner Unit.

  • 0.5 H.P. Motor
  • Air Pipe 5 Mtr.
  • Oil Pipe 5 Mtr.
  • Sensor 1 pcs
  • Adjuster 1 pcs.
  • Air Filter 1 pcs.
  • Oil Filter 1 pcs.
  • Hydraulic Cylinder size 6 strock 1 pcs


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